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“My family always thought it would be fun and interesting to trace our heritage, but we didn’t have the time or expertise to find that information out. So, we used the expertise of RoyaltyLinks to “find our family tree” and we were not disappointed! They took what small amount of family information we had and provided us with detailed information, names, dates and stories of our ancestors, not to mention, yes, linking us with royalty! Now I have a whole book of information to share and pass down when my children ask me about their heritage. I would definitely recommend RoyaltyLinks as a great way to find your family’s story.”
-Amy P.

“I found RoyaltyLinks to be a valuable resource in my quest for family history. They provided me with prompt and thorough service and even communicated with me on a daily basis! RoyaltyLinks is a MUST for the family tree enthusiast!”
-Anna M.

“You have done in just a few days what would have taken me years of research to accomplish. I have been working on our family genealogy since 1996 and thought I had done quite well, but RoyaltyLinks has done an excellent job of doubling our family’s history. Thanks for the great research!”
-Ron H.

“I received the genealogy package yesterday and am anxious to give it to my husband this weekend. What a great anniversary gift it will be. He has been curious about his ancestors since I met him. I would like to go ahead and order the ‘King’ package for myself. Thanks!”
-Amanda R.

“We thought that one side of my family history was already researched by relatives. However, RoyaltyLinks was able to find out information that was missed. Better still, they opened up a whole new side to my family tree that was unexplored! Now I have a very thorough binder containing my family history. I am completely satisfied with RoyaltyLinks, and recommend their services to anyone who does not have the time or skill to conduct their own research.”
-Brad M.

“Thanks for all the extra effort. I really appreciate it and look forward to taking the time to read through my genealogical package.”
-Richard N.

RoyaltyLinks amazed me with the abundance of information gathered about my family. Some of my family members had spent years trying to find ancestors. You quadrupled the size of my tree in a week and found many significant historical figures. Your excitement about genealogy is contagious. Thanks!!!!”
-Ryan E.