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RoyaltyLinks is a web service provided by Scott Pfitzinger, MLS (Master of Library Science). I perform personalized genealogy research for individuals using a variety of online resources. This is legitimate, personalized, and private research, NOT one of those generic “genealogy” scams that provides you with listings of people with your last name. This is custom research based upon information that you provide. As this research is done, I will attempt to link your family line to royalty. See my Theory page for an explanation of the reasoning behind this.

I have researched many family trees and there have only been two people that I have not been able to link to royalty. Please be aware that I may not be able to actually find these links for your family, even though my success rate is very high. Regardless of the success of the royalty link, I will still provide you with the highest possible quality of genealogical research.

It is my hope that genealogy reports provided by RoyaltyLinks are used as a stepping stone for your own family history research. I encourage you to build upon the information I provide by interviewing elderly relatives and by visiting county clerk offices, churches, cemeteries, and other sources of information. While a great deal of information is available via the Internet, data retrieved should not be considered the final word on the subject. Genealogy research is a fluid and ever-changing process and you will continually uncover information that may change what you already thought you knew.

Genealogical packages provided by RoyaltyLinks contain a data CD, a framed chart of the first few generations (suitable for hanging on a wall), all necessary files for putting your family tree on your own website, and a large ring binder with a variety of ancestry reports, descendancy reports, census images, and more. They make terrific Christmas gifts or anniversary gifts for parents. See the Packages page for the types of reports offered.

Your information is kept private and none of it will be posted on the Internet. That will be for you to decide after you receive your reports from me.

To submit your research request, click the link at the top of this page. Payment is available either by credit card or bank draft with PayPal. Personal checks are also accepted–see Contact page for instructions.